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Understanding Your Classroom Climate

School is off to a good start, but as a teacher I always want to know how the kiddos feel about each other.  I can usually identify and have a feeling of the class dynamics, but am I right?


A Sociogram Lesson

For many years I have done a class Sociogram Lesson.

I start out the lesson by reading books.  Lately my books of choice are No, David and David Goes to School by David Shannon.  These books are great because they are high interest and the kiddos recognize all David’s troubles.

Once we are done talking and reading the books, we make a chart about David. We don’t list the negative behavior, but how to make it positive.

We have post-it notes with positive comments on the chart

It’s Time to Think about the David Chart

After we are finished with the chart I ask the kids, are you like David in the story or are you like the kind words on the chart?

Grid Chart

head picture

I make a grid sheet with all the kiddos picture on the sheet

We talk about what a friend looks like.

I ask the kiddos  to circle 5 kids in the class that are NOT like David, but are kind, positive, friendly,etc.

They take a grid, go to their special spot in the  the room.

Write their name at the top and circle with a red crayon 5 friends they like, and is a very good friend  to others in the classroom.

They may not circle their own picture.

I also tell them this is private and who we circle and should not talk about who they circled.

How do I use the Data?

I tally the circle heads  on a sheet

Circling 5 kiddos  is a good number to use and gives me good information on relationships in the classroom.

I put the individual data sheet  in each child’s conference folder.  It’s a piece we discuss during the conference



My Part in the Sociogram as a Teacher

The  information and data I gathered from the sociogram is  crucial in helping the kiddos in my class feel good, and make sure they feel a part of the group. How can I improve the relationship of the students in the class that did not receive a high score…
Integrating in students in groups

Set up situations that are positive
Table partners

Classroom Intervention


This is an activity I do four times a year. The information and data the sociogram identifies becomes important with some kiddos in getting outside staff to help the student in the classroom and it becomes a very good intervention. We assess kids constantly in our districts, state, and nation, but this is a simple assessment that gives information on relationships, self confidence, and self worth.

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