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Addition-Add 10 Combinations


Do you want a fun way to practice number combinations to 10 by using both math and literacy?  You will love using the Garden Task  Cards to figure out the combinations of 10. The whole class or a small group can work on the problem solving skills using Task Cards.   The cute clip art and the books The Tale of  Peter By Beatrix Potter  or Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens  add to the excitement  of this game.

Before I use the task cards, Addition – Add 10 Combinations, we practice using counters and demonstrate a game called What’s Under the Bowl?  I start out by using 5 counters to play the game.  I hide some of counters under the bowl and some are outside of the bowl.  You need to remind the kiddos that you are using 5 counters in this game.

The kids look and count what is outside the bowl and now have to problem solve the number under the bowl.  Once they understand this concept, I increase the counters to 7 and 10.

under the bowl

Once I introduce 10, the kiddos can use Ten Frames to help them understand addition combinations to 10.  (It  will work with subtraction.)   The ten frames are great to show understanding of the combinations.  The next step is to record understanding by writing the story sentence.   What is outside the bowl, what is under the bowl?

The ” Task Cards” are great for the next step of understanding combinations of 10.

Materials (Garden theme)

*18 task cards featuring  a garden, rabbit, vegetables and a basket

*3 work sheets


The cards are laminated and cut out.  I make three copies of the cards so I have a class set.

The kids pick up a task card and match the number in the corner of the card to the number on the work sheet.

The kiddos count the vegetables on the task card and record it on the ten frame (worksheet).  They must figure out how many vegetables are in the basket. They can do this by counting the number of empty spaces on the ten frame.  They record the information on the blank story problem.   Each child has their own worksheet.

peter rabbit game

I copy all 3 worksheets and the kiddos choose just one sheet to solve the problems.   (Some kids will be working on sheet 1-6 and task cards 1-6)  You could choose to laminate the worksheets too.

There are 2 options to play this game.

Do you like this idea, but don’t have the time to create it yourself?  You can find the Addition-Add 10 Combinations in my Teacher Store

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