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Simple Alphabet Recognition and Matching Letters Ideas

Are the kiddos in your classroom needing help with alphabet recognition or matching uppercase letters to lower case letters?  I have a simple game the kiddos  love playing, and ask to play it again and again.

There are two ways to play the game.  One is an alphabet  recognition game and the other is a match game.  The game can be played in a small group or in a large group, of course the theme pictures are the motivator in the game.



Ending Sound Lotto Games-Winter Fun

Are you looking for a way to reinforce ending sounds?  Play “Sound Lotto” games!   I like playing “lotto” games in the classroom because the kiddos can work with a partner or independently.  Lotto Games are  played like bingo boards, but letters are on lotto board not numbers and picture cards are used to match the ending  letter sound on the board. This game is great, it  will help the kiddos hear the words and enunciate those sounds.